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KJ’s Louisiana Hot Sauce

KJ’s Lousiana Hot Sauce might surprise you. People who are not big fans of Louisiana-style hot sauce have these types of comments:

“I usually don’t care for Louisiana hot sauce because it doesn’t have much flavor, but yours tastes SO GOOD!”

Recently we had our kids over and broke open all our bottles for them to taste on chips. EVEN THOSE kids who thought they’d like all the other sauces better ended up asking to take one our Louisiana bottles home! It’s just that good people!

the best Louisiana Hot sauce

Look up a description of “Louisiana hot sauce” on the web and you typically will find that most commercial Louisiana hot sauces simply use peppers like tabasco and cayenne with salt and vinegar, which means simply that they deliver heat, but well, unfortunately not much FLAVOR.

So you might ask – why DOES KJ’s Louisiana hot sauce taste so good?

Just like our other hot sauces, we impart our sauces with additional vegetables and spices, and, after numerous taste tests, by request, we actually bump up the heat in our Louisiana sauce with fiery, fruity habanero peppers.

the best tasting Louisiana hot sauce

And like our other sauces, we ferment our chilies first to give even MORE flavor. This ferment process does amazing things to the chilies and vegetables. Remember that saying that “all good things take time”? Yep, it’s true when it comes to hot sauce! Typically, the longer the ferment, the better it tastes. So, add all this added love, ingredients and percolating time up, and you’ll understand why we get the glowing comments about our KJ’s Louisiana Hot Sauce!

Things you might want to try KJ’s Lousiana Hot Sauce on:

  • Wings or any fried or grilled chicken
  • Pulled pork sandwiches
  • Meat marinades
  • Dips
  • Drizzled on top of hummus
  • Eggs
  • Tacos
  • Burgers

We urge you to give our Louisiana hot sauce a try and see if it’s better than any store-bought you’ve tried in the past!