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Creating Color in Hot Sauces

What do you mean?

The beautiful colors in KJ’s Hot Sauces are as pretty as a rainbow, however, they don’t just happen, it takes some science and a careful culinary palette to make them taste good AND be beautiful to the eye, so let’s talk about creating color in hot sauces shall we?

how to create beautiful color in hot sauces

For instance, if you processed some red hot pepper like a habanero, or Fresno with say, a green serrano pepper, you’d end up with good flavor, but with a bottle of something that looked a little like….well, MUD. Creating color in hot sauces should not look like mud people.

Some Examples of Creating Color in Hot Sauces

We all know we feast FIRST with our eyes right? So, at KJ’s, it took us a moment (or two) to figure out combinations of peppers that work and look pretty. For instance our Pineapple Habanero hot sauce is the prettiest darn yellow imaginable because we primarily use all yellow peppers with a touch of orange habanero and of course, yellow pineapple when we blend it.

Our Chipotle Hot Sauce is a blend of red peppers and dried chiles and spices that give it that smoky darker red color.

And our Charred Green hot sauce has that darkened verde green color that comes by blending all green peppers with blackened charred green peppers fresh off the grill, then adding and a splash of lime.

Our Mango Habanero hot sauce was the hardest. Getting that almost neon orange hue took a few times of mixing yellows and reds to get so lovely.

The End Result of Our Colors in Hot Sauce?

We love the way they look now. They’re beautiful AND packed with flavor.

Here’s to you trying them ALL with us! You can click here to shop for all our rainbow of tasty flavors!

Strawberry Peach Habanero Hot Sauce Blog Posts

KJ’s Strawberry Peach Habanero Hot Sauce

We are really proud of KJ’s Strawberry Peach Habanero Hot Sauce. We kept tweaking this one until we got it just right and the reviews have been tremendous!

Strawberry Peach Habanero Hot Sauce

We started out with just peach, and then felt like it needed a little something something at the end and strawberry seemed an unlikely but delicious solution! blending the fruit in at the end, gives it a real punch of flavor .

Our son pours a lake of this KJ’s Strawberry Peach Habanero hot sauce on his hummus before he eats it and it is equally good on fish tacos, salmon, chicken of any kind and especially hotwings! Trying mixing it into a vinaigrette for a special salad dressing! Fruity habanero hot sauces are really good drizzled over fall soups like butternut squash bisque!

If you love this habanero sauce, you’ll love our other ones like Mango Habanero and Pineapple Habanero. All there are on the hot end of the spicy scale but not too hot to enjoy!