KJs Charred Red and Green Hot Sauce

KJ’s Charred Sauce Line

When we started playing around with sauce recipes, we naturally gravitated to making this special KJ’s Charred Sauce Line with our first two sauces – KJ’s Charred Green Hot Sauce and KJ’s Charred Red Hot Sauce.

Anytime you grill or roast a vegetable, it just magnificently skyrockets the flavors into another realm, and we found that peppers are no different.

Our Charred Green Hot Sauce uses a blend of green, grilled and charred peppers specially blended with spices for a smoky and medium heat taste bud sensation.

We love it on grilled hot wings, quesadillas and even right on a tortilla chip!

KJs Charred Sauce Line

Our KJ’s Charred Red Hot Sauce raises the bar even further by adding in dried ancho peppers to the mix.

We love it on grilled steak, ribs or even a burger!

KJ's Charred Sauce Line

At KJ’s we love to play around with dried chiles as well, so it made sense to add them to one of our KJ’s Charred Sauce Line sauces. Their fruity, smoky flavors offer something fresh peppers can’t – and the result?

Stupendously fabulous flavor!

These sauces are particularly good on crispy grilled or roasted chicken, any kind of taco, or straight off the spoon!

Try one of these sauces from our Charred Line and you may never go back to plain sauce again!

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